Manushya Mrugam

Chandran and Babu grow from rags to riches by illegal means. Chandran wishes to marry Daisy, who was part of their operations. But Babu advises him to kill her as she knows all their secrets.

Genre: Action
Duration: 130 Min
Release: 2019
IMDb: 0
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Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Kingsleigh returns to Underland and faces a new adventure in saving the Mad Hatter.

Genre: Adventure ,Family ,Fantasy
Duration: 113 Min
Release: 2019
IMDb: 6.5
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Poison Ivy

A seductive teen befriends an introverted high school student and schemes her way into the lives of her wealthy family.

Genre: Thriller ,Drama
Duration: 88 Min
Release: 2019
IMDb: 5.3
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Jumanji: The Next Level

As the gang return to Jumanji to rescue one of their own, they discover that nothing is as they expect. The players will have to brave parts unknown and unexplored in order to escape the world’s most dangerous game.

Genre: Adventure ,Comedy ,Fantasy
Duration: 123 Min
Release: 2019
IMDb: 7
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Ri¢hie Ri¢h

Billionaire heir Richie Rich has it all, including Reggie Jackson as a batting coach and Claudia Schiffer as a personal trainer -- but no playmates. What's more, scoundrel Laurence Van Dough is scheming to take over the

Genre: Comedy ,Family
Duration: 95 Min
Release: 2019
IMDb: 5.8
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